Are You Grilling Safely?

Grilling season is upon us!  Are you ready?  Here are some tips from the website to get you there safely.  Happy Summer!

Grill Inspection

Before lighting your grill, inspect it for signs of rust or disrepair. If enough rust is present to weaken the frame or wall of the grill, do not use it. Check the legs for stability and make sure that they will securely support the grill.
On a gas grill, check the gas cylinders for rust and make sure that the connections are secure. Also check the hoses for cracks and leaks. With the grill turned off, twist the valve on the propane cylinder one turn only. Do not light the burners while doing the test! Spraying the hoses with a little soapy water and watch for bubbles. Bubbles indicate a leak in the gas line. Replace leaky hoses before using your grill.

Grill Location

Flare-ups are common when grilling, so allow for them when you decide where to put the grill. Choose an open location away from trees, brush, overhanging roofs and flammable materials. Remove extra gas cylinders and lighter fluid from the area.
If possible, choose a spot near the garden hose and keep it turned on and ready to use. Or even better, keep a fire extinguisher nearby.
Place the grill securely on a level surface, away from traffic and games. You do not want the grill to be accidentally knocked over by a stray ball or running child.
Never use a grill indoors or in a poorly ventilated area. Carbon monoxide forms during grilling and can build up to deadly levels. Use your grill outdoors only.

Dress Properly

Dress properly for grilling. Make sure that you are not wearing anything too loose or flowing that might find its way into the fire. Use long grill utensils to give you extra reach and avoid burning.

Light Carefully

Follow your manufacturer’s recommendations when lighting the grill. Never pour lighter fluid or other flammables onto a lit grill, even if it did not catch properly.
When using a gas grill, always open the grill before lighting it. When the lid is closed, gas can build up if it does not light immediately, which could possibly cause an explosion.


Actively supervise your grill from the time you light it until it is cold again. Keep others away from the hot grill and make sure that it has completely cooled before moving it or putting it away.

Have a safe and wonderful Memorial Day Weekend! We hope these tips keep you grilling safely! Here is the whole article so you can print and save it!

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