A Few Staging Tips to Sell Your Home

Here are a few tips from a stager in the Columbus, Ohio area.

Since last summer, home sales in the Central Ohio area have been steadily increasing. In the first quarter of 2012, sales rose 7.1 over last year’s first quarter, and March home sales were up 36% over February 2012 sales. In addition, average sale prices which fell from a decade high in 2005 have been slowly rebounding. The average sales price for a central Ohio home in March was $153,557 — 6.5% higher than March 2011. All together this has led to a more confidence in the current housing market, says the Columbus Board of Realtors. In a recent survey, 86% of realtors see the market as moderate to strong and 89% expect it to remain so for the next six months.

All of which leaves us wondering, how much more impressive would these numbers be if every seller in Columbus staged their home?
Small homes, big rewards
Just because a home for sale may not have much square footage doesn’t mean it has to look or feel small. Columbus Home Staging can make any home seem roomy and comfortable — call us for a consultation that’s specific to your home — but there are some things you can do yourself to make a room seem larger than it is. Try any — or all — of the following tips:
• Reduce clutter. Suddenly the space will open up. Clutter, by the way, includes too much furniture and accessories in addition to out-of-place items and items that need a home.
• Light up. Small spaces can seem even smaller when they’re dark and dreary. Add table lamps, mirrors and even lighter window treatments to bring more light into dark corners and make the room seem more expansive.
 • Keep it simple. Decoration in small spaces can seem overdone fairly quickly. Keep color combinations simple and patterns to a minimum. If you want to add interest to the room, use texture, a few accessories or a piece or two of beautiful art.

Have more questions about staging?  You can contact Suzanne Byrd with Columbus Home Staging at 614-648-1767.

Looking to put your home on the market?  Contact us for a new obligation consultation.  614-324-2044.

Or if you’re looking to purchase your dream home, search all the homes for sale in Columbus, OH.


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