10 Home Maintenance Tips for Spring

Even though the weather feels like Spring has been here for quite some time, it’s actually Spring here in Columbus, OH.  The sun is peeking out and the plants are starting to  blossom, so it must be about time for spring chores again.

From the Lowe’s website here’s an annual  spring checklist of important issues to tend to around the house.

1. Roofing repairs:  If you suspect winter storms may have damaged your roof, it needs to be  inspected. (If you’re not comfortable with the height or steepness of your  roof, hire a licensed roofing contractor for the inspection.) Look for missing  or loose shingles, including ridge-cap shingles.

Examine the condition of the  flashings around chimneys, flue pipes, vent caps, and anyplace where the roof  and walls intersect. Look for overhanging trees that could damage the roof in a  wind storm, as well as buildups of leaves and other debris.

If you have roof damage in a number of areas, or if older  shingles makes patching impractical, consider having the entire roof redone.  Also, remember that if the shingles have been damaged by wind or by impact from  falling tree limbs, the damage may be covered by your homeowners insurance.

2. Check gutters and  downspouts: Look for areas where the fasteners may have pulled loose, and  for any sags in the gutter run. Also, check for water stains that may indicate  joints that have worked loose and are leaking. Clean leaves and debris to be  ready for spring and summer rains.

3. Fences and gates:  Fence posts are especially susceptible to groundwater saturation, and will  loosen up and tilt if the soil around them gets soaked too deeply. Check fence  posts in various areas by wiggling them to see how solidly embedded they are.

If any are loose, wait until the surrounding soil has dried out, then excavate  around the bottom of the posts and pour additional concrete to stabilize them.  Replace any posts that have rotted.

4. Clear yard debris:  Inspect landscaping for damage, especially trees. If you see any cracked,  leaning or otherwise dangerous conditions with any of your trees, have a licensed,  insured tree company inspect and trim or remove them as needed.

Clean up  leaves, needles, small limbs and other material that has accumulated. Do any  spring pruning that’s necessary. Remove and dispose of all dead plant material  so it won’t become a fire hazard as it dries.

5. Fans and air  conditioners: Clean and check the operation of cooling fans, air  conditioners and whole-house fans. Shut the power to the fan, remove the cover  and wash with mild soapy water, then clean out dust from inside the fan with a  shop vacuum — do not operate the fan with the cover removed.

Check outdoor  central air conditioning units for damage or debris buildup, and clean or  replace any filters. Check the roof or wall caps where the fan ducts terminate  to make sure they are undamaged and well sealed. Check dampers for smooth  operation.

To get the rest of the list, you can contact us at themcveyteam@kw.com or give us a call at 614.324.2044

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