Are Your Flowers Blooming?

Needless to say we’ve had a very mild winter!  With that though, I’ve noticed that my Spring flowers have been coming up earlier than they have in the past.  I noticed about 2-3 weeks ago that my hyacinth and daffodils are popping up.  Even now, my tulips have shot up with a quickness.  Then earlier this week I noticed that three of my daffodils have blossomed and opened up.  As beautiful as they are, it’s strange to see them blooming so early.  But it’s a nice sight to see amongst the drab winter ground.

My only worry about them coming up so soon is that if we get a deep frost (although looking at the 10 day forecast and with Spring just a few weeks away, it probably won’t happen) that they’ll freeze the flower and maybe even kill the bulb.  I’m no flower/plant expert, but I do enjoy the fact that I have little living things like flowers in my yard.

I wonder if with these early arrivals the Summer flowers will come early.  Or will we have a longer lag time between Spring and Summer flowers?  I guess that’s something we’ll have to wait and see for.  One thing is for sure, Spring flowers are here and that means we are that much closer to warmer weather!  But I certainly can’t complain about the Winter Weather this year…it’s barely been here at all!

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