Dog Festival Benefiting the Capital Area Humane Society of Columbus Ohio

Yesterday we helped out with the Dog Festival and Dog Wash put together by Ross Wealth Advisors and North Arlington Animal Clinic which benefitted the Capital Area Humane Society.  It was located near Henderson and KDiThere was dog washing, pet portraits, pet related items for purchase, dog nail clipping among other activities.  The Columbus Police Department K-9 Unit showed up to educate participants and patrons about what they do.  The Humane Society even brought some of the four legged friends that are up for adoption.  Great food was provided by Rotola’s Pizza and Graeter’s Ice Cream.  We were in charge of drinks and sold soda and water for $1.  A great time was had by all and there was plenty of amusing moments from the antics of the many dogs in attendance.   Check out the video snipit of us at our beverage booth.  And for more information on the Capital Area Humane Society click the link below…


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